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We have quite a few of our customers ask if they are required to pull a building permit for their project. For most of the jobs we construct, the answer is YES. There are a few instances where a building permit is not required. These requirements vary from city to city and county to county. For the most part if we are building a free-standing patio cover that is less than 100 square feet we are not required to get a permit, Again this does vary. We have a strict set of engineering that we use regardless of whether or not we are pulling a permit. We use this engineering to ensure we are build a structure that will last for years to come and that it can withstand what ever the environment can throw at it. We have been in business since 1947, and we have been around so long for one reason, we take care of our customer an we stand behind what we build. Even when we have a job that has a permit, we count of the homeowner to be our true final inspector.

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