Bosnich Patio Covers

Fortunately I didn't check out Yelp before hiring Pacific Builders or I probably wouldn't have hired them for my patio cover. My experience was quite the contrary to the reviews I have just read. I had a very large project that consisted of 3 patio covers. One of the covers needed to have footings poured and steel inside so that the number of columns could be reduced to only 2 due to the size and location of the cover. Pacific Builders was the only contractor of 4 that I had come out to guarantee the saw cuts in the concrete patio would be completely covered by columns holding up the cover. The other guys wanted to saw cut the concrete then do a tile inlay. That would be nice but I have a total of 8 columns holding up the covers. The tile would make it obvious something was different. When all was said and done, even though it took an extra day to finish all the covers are uniform and there is no visible difference between the cover with the footings and steel and the other 2. We had one minor issue where I had to call Rob but that was handled within 3 days, which is very reasonable. Overall I am extremely pleased with the results and the customer service has been great.

Cone Patio Cover

Solid Patio Cover by Pacific builders
Pacific Builders has always been my first choice in considering a contractor for possible construction of our backyard patio. Our first exposure to Pacific Builders was several years ago at a Sacramento Home Show. We wanted a patio but could not fulfill our dream at that time. In May of this year we could, so we called them. (I had saved all the information I had from before). Larry Pace came to our house to provide an estimate. He was very polite, professional, and represented Pacific Builders very well. He presented the information very clearly and showed me all the options, details and cost-factors which were current for the patio project. He made sure I knew what to expect in every aspect of the design and progression of the project, should I choose Pacific Builders. I was impressed and decided to sign a contract based on my good feelings about this company. I AM GLAD I DID! My next encounter was with Richard Myers, engineer and planner for Pacific Builders. He, too, is a very polite, thoughtful and professional gentleman. He measured and calculated my backyard, the patio area, and explained the importance of how my design would be, how it would look and function. I had opted for skylights, which was a wonderful idea presented to me by Mr. Pace. Mr. Myers was very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining how the skylights would be positioned and what function they would serve. I was very impressed with his preciseness and neatness in creating the actual plan. On June 11, Rob, (I'm sorry I don't have his last name), called to confirm that my project would be done on June 23rd. He was very bright and assuring on the phone. I didn't have an opportunity to meet him, but I do feel he is a good representative for Pacific Builders as well! When the patio team arrived on June 23rd, Ernie, Juan and Sam were l clean, polite and prepared to erect my new patio cover. They started at 0820 and were finished by 1420. In my opinion, the patio they built for me is perfect and was done with the professionalism Pacific Builders bases their reputation on, as a family-owned , 65 year-old company. Before leaving, Ernie did remind me to look the patio over and if there err any problems, they would be fixed. I am very particular, and I did find some small flaws (5), which were quickly remedied by David and Donny on June 25th. These gentlemen worked from 0800-1320 and were very patient with me wanting to know why something wasn't exactly the way I wanted it, as well as fixing it to my satisfaction. As with any project, customers are always concerned about the job being done on their home, how it will look and will it be worth the cost. When I discovered the little things that bothered me, I sent an e-mail to Rob, expressing my disappointment and dissatisfaction because I DiD expect the patio to be perfect. I was surprised to receive a call from Mr. Rick Degen, the owner of Pacific Builders, immediately on June 24th. Mr. Degen addressed all my concerns and assured me they would be corrected the next day, which they were, by David and Donny. The last part of my patio construction was the ceiling fan and electrical connection. Pacific Builders sent Jeff Cooper, owner of Cooper Electric, to install my ceiling fan. He did a superb job (with his assistant Jordon) and I knew at that moment I had indeed selected a company worthy of five stars on YELP. I could see my completed patio cover in it's elegance and it was perfect. Throughout the entire process, I have communicated primarily with Rowena, and on occasion with Linsey, both Pacific Builders office staff. They are both very professional and kind. Rowena has had to talk with me so often throughout this project. I sincerely appreciate her patience and understanding throughout this entire process. The inspector, Mike, came to inspect the patio and gave it a 100% pass, remarking that it is a beautiful patio, very sound and built as it should be. In closing, I just want you, the reader, to know that Pacific Builders did a very professional and wonderful job for me. It is worth every penny I paid. I have read some unkind reviews about this company, but my experience was a wonderful one. I hope yours will be too. I trusted this company, and they fulfilled their promise. I'm going to enjoy my new patio! Happy 4th of July to everyone!!!

Pellegri Patio Cover and Awnings

I purchased 3 awnings and two full patio covers. I love way they look on my home. We had a few corrections, the company stood by their work and corrected them to my satisfaction. They were very professional in working with me on this project. The building inspectors signed off the project with no repairs. Since it is not winter yet, the company reinforced that if I have any problems to be sure and contact them. Since they have been in business for so many years, I feel they will be around for quite some time longer. Longevity means they must be doing something right. They completed the project timely. I am so happy to have these additions to my home.

Porras Patio Cover

I think Pacific Builders is a great company! We were in a time sensitive situation because we had concrete scheduled to be poured and the footings for the patio cover needed to be installed before that could happen. The other patio cover company we were working with dropped the ball and left us in a bad situation. I found Pacific Builders online and called them in a panic. Robb answered and was FABULOUS throughout the process. His customer service exceeded my expectations! Pacific Builders quoted a fair price, showed up when they said they would and did an excellent job on our patio cover. It looks great and I couldn't be happier! Our patio cover design is unique and unlike anything on their website, so I invited them to come back when the landscaping is finished to take pictures. Hopefully those will end up on their website. I can't say one negative thing about working with them. THEY ARE GREAT!

Rockmore Sunroom

Pacific Builders installed a solarium on our house about 25 years ago. about 10 years ago it developed a leak, and they repeatedly sent workmen out to my house to fix it (they needed to make several visits since such leaks are hard to find). then more recently it started leaking in a different spot, and again they sent people out repeatedly to fix. they did this at zero cost to me, since the solarium warranty was for as long as i owned the home. rick, the president, was very reasonable to deal with, and the workmen were professional and thorough. i am amazed that a company in this business is still operating 25 years later, and that they honored their warranty without argument when i needed it.

Santaga Patio Cover and Door

My sister has had a number of projects done by Pacific Builders and when I decided to install a patio cover and French doors, she recommended that I contact them. I am so pleased that I did. Pacific Builders has a beautiful showroom, and their sales rep, Steve Childres is very knowledgeable and was so helpful in making sure that I got the patio I wanted. From beginning to end, the process was efficient and well-coordinated. They started the job when they promised, and it was completed without any delays. The construction crew was polite and professional, and I was impressed with their care for detail. They even sprayed the wasps that were trying to build a nest on my roof. My patio is an oasis, and the French doors are a stunning addition to my home. Pacific Builders is the best.

Roberts Bathroom Remodel

I recently remodeled my master bathroom utilizing Pacific Builders. My in office contact was Don, who I enjoyed working with very much. He included me in all the details and was very accommodating with my special requests. He and I both went to 101 Building Supply together and I was able to choose my granite slab for the new counter top. I was also very pleased with the actual contractor who did all of the work at my house. It was great having just the one person and his Son in my house v.s. having numerous different people going in and out. I got to know "Jimmy" well and he got to know me and what I expected from him. I am very pleased with the finished product and would recommend Pacific Builders to others.

Fuller Sunroom

I just wanted to take a moment and thank each and everyone of your folks involved in completing my newly installed sunroom. From the moment I met Dave McKeehan I knew I was dealing with a group of professionals. Everyone that I came in contact with treated me with respect and made me feel as if I was their primary concern. I would especially thank Jim Nordquist and his team that did the install. Each time I dealt with Jim his professionalism shined through. I am a 37 year veteran from the USAF and retired CMSGT E9 and I have seen my share of professional men and women. I believe that I have seen no better than Jim. Even in the shadow of his recent loss he conducted himself superior to what anyone could have expected. Having recently lost my wife I fully understand the type of impact these events have on your life and ability to function. I salute you and thank you all for a job well done. Rest assured that I will be singing your praises to anyone that will listen. God bless you and your company.

Carda Siding

Hi Dave, I just wanted to express my appreciation for a job well done. My experience with Pacific Builders has been outstanding. You have been great to work with and you have made sure that everything that we agreed on was done. I'm very satisfied with Don Charlesworth's "The Home Service Center" professionalism, workmanship, attention to detail, and his overall pride in his work. Don has worked with me to make sure that I am happy every step of the way. I need to mention Don's crew; they are very courteous, professional, and keep the job site clean and orderly every day. I can't thank you enough for sending Don and his crew to install the siding and gutters on my house. Don's many years of experience in this line of work shows and I believe he is a great asset to your company. I will be contacting you early next year to complete the overhangs and gutter over my patio and I would really like Don to do the installation. I will also ask you to bid on the new patio cover at that time. I will always recommend Pacific Builders to my friends and family. Dave in closing, I am beyond satisfied with the new look of my house. I have already got so many compliments from my friends and neighbors. Thanks again for a job well done.

Girsch Bathroom Remodel

Thanks for all the extra help on the bathroom remodel. Both Sue and I are very pleased with the outcome and the service. We will definitely refer you to our friends.