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5/8” plugs: Also known as buttons.These are used to cover the 5/8” holes drilled to secure the post wraps to the posts.

Attached: A patio cover that is screwed or lagged to a permanent structure, versus a freestanding cover.

Awning Panels: Also known as pans, they come in different widths.6”, 8” flat panels, 12” and 24” W-panels, and 48” insulated roof panels.

Beam: Measures 3” x 8”.Usually runs the length of the cover is and is supported by columns or posts.The rafters on a lattice cover and the flat pans on a solid cover are fastened to the top of the beam.

Brackets: These are used to attach the rafters to the structure and beam, and used to attach the posts to the beam and concrete.

Embossed: A raised texture that is designed to give the aluminum a wood-grained look.

End Caps: Plastic end caps are used to finish off the ends of the aluminum rafters or decorative ends on a solid color.They give a big of architectural distinctiveness, by having different decorative shapes.

Fasteners: Screws, anchors, bolts and lags used to build the patio cover.Most fasteners are painted to match the color of the patio cover.

Footings: A cube shaped hole dug into the ground to be filled with concrete in order to support the posts if there is not a concrete slab.Footings are needed on all freestanding covers, and steel posts are embedded in the concrete.The size of the footing is determined by code specifications.

Freestanding: A patio cover that is not attached to any structure, but standing alone.(Note: Freestanding covers always require steel posts and footings.)

Height: The measurement from the ground to the ceiling portion of the cover.

ICC ER: International Code Council.The governing body that writes building codes that are accepted and enforced by the individual cities/counties.

Insert Beam (C-Beam): A 3” x 8” steel beam used to increase the column spacing.(Requires steel posts and footings.)

IRP: Insulated Roof Panels.3”, 4”, or 6” thick foam panels with embossed aluminum laminated to each side.Used to construct an insulated solid cover, or used as the roof on a patio enclosure.

Lattice Cover: Also called open lattice…where the patio cover roof consists of lattice tubes spaced equal distance apart allowing filtered sunlight to pass through.

Lattice Tubes: Available in three sizes: 1.5” x 1.5”, 2” x 2”, or 2” x 3”.They usually run parallel with the header beam and are attached on top of the rafters.

Length: The description of the measurement used to determine the overall distance from one end of the cover to the other.(i.e. 10’ x 20’ patio cover…the 20’ is the length.The projection is always given first.)

Overhang: The self supporting distance past the last point where the panel, beam or rafter is attached.

Patio Cover: Also known as a lattice patio, pergola, flat pan cover, solid patio, awning, ultrawood, among a few.

Post: Also called columns; are placed under the 3” x 8” beam or under the gutter and are the main support of the patio cover.There are many types of posts and/or columns available.

Post Kit: Everything needed to install the post of column; brackets, fasteners, etc.

Post Spacing: Or column spacing; is the distance between posts or columns as determined by the code specifications.This can be increased by the use of a steel insert beam and steel posts and footings.

Post Wraps: 2” x 6” in size, one is placed on the inside and outside of each post for looks and strength.Post wraps are foam filled to enhance dent resistance.

Projection: The description of the measurement used to establish the distance from the house or structure to the furthest point out from the structure, excluding trim.

Rafters: Used in the roof portion of a lattice cover, measuring 2” x 6.5” and run perpendicular to the beam.They are attached to the top of the beam and at a ledger board back at the house wall.

Rafter Tails: Rafter material cut to 12” in length with a miter, scallop, corbel or bevel shape on one end, and attached to front fascia of a solid cover.

Solid Cover: A patio cover that uses solid aluminum panelsas a roof to keep rain and sun from coming through.

Span: The distance from the house attachment to the support beam.

Steel Post: Also known as an insert post, measures 3” x 3” square.The length is determined by the height of the patio and addition the depth of the footing.

Thickness: The measure of the aluminum used in the pieces of the patio cover.A higher number equals a thicker potion.Common thicknesses are .018, .024, .032, etc.A thicker piece of material is used to attain a greater span.

Tributary Width: Approximately half of the distance of rafter or panel span, plus the overhang.Used to determine post spacing.

Trim Kit: Decorative only, and fastened to the front fascia of a solid cover.See Rafter Tails.

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