For people from all walks of life, there’s absolutely nothing like taking a nice, relaxing soak in a hot bath after a long, hard day’s work to melt one’s troubles away. Everyone has an ordinary bathtub, but those who desire the utmost in comfort, serenity, and relaxation strive for the award-winning Kohler-manufactured bathtubs, as well as the prized American Standard, Wyndham Collection, Toto and Jacuzzi tubs, each available and professionally installed by Pacific Builders.

There is no reason that seniors and the physically impaired should not be able to enjoy a bath in both safety and comfort as well. Walk-in tubs are designed to accommodate both those 65 and older and those with physical disabilities, with features like walk-in basins and wide doors allowing for plenty of maneuverability, firm metallic gripping bars, and anti-slip seat and floor surfaces ensure that dangerous falls are not an issue.

For those who need more comfort and relief from aching or strained muscles, therapeutic tubs feature pressured, massaging jets of water to make you feel refreshed and revitalized after a soaking spell, while careful water temperature regulation keeps more sensitive skin safe from scalding. Easy to reach and turn handles ensure that operation is simple.

Pacific Builders, Sacramento’s Number One General Contractor, has the expertise and skill needed to install your brand new, high-quality therapy tub in a flash, so that you can get soaking as soon as possible.

Be sure to come to Pacific Builders for all of your installation needs. They’ll install your Walk-in tub in no time, so that anyone, including seniors and those with physical disabilities, can enjoy the daily relaxation that they deserve.

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