When company founders Mary and Fred Degen (pictured left) started this business in 1947, aluminum patio covers were truly something new. Mary and Fred were among a handful of early Pioneers who helped create the beautiful, trouble-free products we take for granted today in the patio and sunroom industry. Not only has Pacific Builders been committed to quality and durability in our products since 1947, but we are also members of:

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Our advanced technologies for engineering and construction speak for themselves when it comes to reduced maintenance time and expense. Please browse through the rest of our website to see how we can help you today. Remember, we set the standard for the industry and if you are interested in the best product for your money, please contact us here or sign up for a free in-home estimate today.

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Today their son Rick, who has worked in the family business for over 50 years, his wife Heather, and their daughters Linsey and Briana, all work to carry on the tradition started in 1947.

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  • Bosnich Patio Covers

    Fortunately I didn't check out Yelp before hiring Pacific Builders or I probably wouldn't have hired them for my patio cover. My experience was quite the contrary to the reviews I have just read. I had a very large project that consisted of 3 patio covers. One of the covers needed to have footings poured and steel inside so that the number of columns could be reduced to only 2 due to the size and location of the cover. Pacific Builders was the only contractor of 4 that I had come out to guarantee the saw cuts in the concrete patio would be completely covered by columns holding up the cover. The other guys wanted to saw cut the concrete then do a tile inlay. That would be nice but I have a total of 8 columns holding up the covers. The tile would make it obvious something was different. When all was said and done, even though it took an extra day to finish all the covers are uniform and there is no visible difference between the cover with the footings and steel and the other 2. We had one minor issue where I had to call Rob but that was handled within 3 days, which is very reasonable. Overall I am extremely pleased with the results and the customer service has been great.