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Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas Pedestal Sink

Remodeling a bathroom can be a tricky ordeal, but remodeling a small bathroom can be even trickier, since when you’re remodeling a small bathroom every single inch of space counts. What a small bathroom lacks in size, it makes up for in charm when it is utilized correctly.

This article will help you give ideas on how to remodel a small bathroom, particularly by using pedestal sinks. By installing a pedestal sink, it has a lot of advantages that we will be going into detail in this article, but to be completely unbiased, we will also be going into the disadvantages of installing a pedestal sink.


Space Savers

As we mentioned above, a small bathroom could be difficult to remodel, that’s why you should focus on creating as much space as possible. One of the ways to do this is by ditching vanities which can consume a ton of space, and consider installing a pedestal sink instead. A pedestal sink is a great way to conserve space since they hardly take up any space at the base, while giving you more than enough sink space at the top. With a pedestal sink, you will gain access to more visible flooring that will help with the illusion of a much bigger bathroom.

To be completely unbiased, we will also list the disadvantages of installing pedestal sink. A pedestal sink will offer no storage space, and by removing a vanity you will also be removing storage space. Because of this, you will have to find another place to store your toiletries. Also if you choose to remove an old vanity from your bathroom, you might have to face other problems with your flooring since you don’t know what happened to the flooring underneath the old vanity, which will in turn add to the total cost of the remodel.



The reason why toilets and other bathroom fixtures are made of porcelain is because; porcelain is a very durable material that is also easy to clean. A pedestal sink which are usually made of porcelain can easily be cleaned by using a damp cloth and some warm water. If there are stains that would be considered hard to clean you will just have to use some mild soap, water and a damp, and you’re done. It would save you some time and effort to clean, as opposed to cleaning a vanity made of wood. Also, wood will eventually suffer from water damage as times passes, and you wouldn’t have to worry about water damage with a porcelain pedestal sink.


Matching Fixtures

As we mentioned above, a pedestal sink will have some drawbacks, and one of these is that there might be limited options of matching fixture designs. People usually choose to remodel a bathroom with a specific theme or design for their toilet bowl and bathroom sink, you might have a hard time finding a matching design for your pedestal sink, but don’t give up hope because even if it hard to find, it is still indeed possible. You might need to go to a bathroom specialty store in order to find a matching set of toilet bowl and pedestal sink, but if you do find a matching set that you like, then it will be well worth the effort.



An advantage of a pedestal sink over a vanity is that they are relatively a lot cheaper. When you add up the cost of a vanity and vanity-top, and compare it to the cost of a pedestal sink, the pedestal sink will be much cheaper by almost half the price of the vanity and vanity-top. A large pedestal sink usually costs less than $300, while finding a nice vanity and vanity-top combination for less than $500 is more or less an impossible task.



There are some homeowners that will choose to remodel their bathrooms by themselves, and we totally respect that. Since a vanity can be easily installed, a homeowner can usually do it by themselves, since at most they will only have to disconnect some faucet connections, and the rest is a simple task. A pedestal sink installation on the other hand could be tricky, that might require some specialty faucets, hardware, especially if you plan on installing floating sinks that will usually require a professional team to install.


You Need a Team of Pros

As we mentioned above, bathroom remodeling can be done by yourself, and it’s totally fine if you know what you are doing. Messing up a bathroom remodel can lead to damage to the walls and the plumbing that will cost you more in the long run.

A bathroom remodeling can be a really difficult project, so if you need a skilled team to do it, then we are the ones to call. We will be with you every step of the way, from designing up until installation. Our team of licensed Sacramento bathroom remodeling contractors and highly skilled workers will take special care of every single project.

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