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Gabled rooms are typically called “Garden Rooms”, as they truly bring your garden into your home. Gabled rooms remain bright and inviting because of their vaulted cathedral ceilings and glass transoms on the peaked front wall. These rooms can be tied into your existing roof line to make it blend right in. A new garden room addition will quickly become the most lived in room in your entire home.


Are you looking for protection from the weather in the winter and the sun in the summer? Why not add a patio cover that has a mix of lattice for just the right amount of light and some solid to still cover you. We can even add just enough solid patio cover to protect your doors going to the yard while still allowing enough light to not darken your rooms inside.


Solid patio covers shield you against direct sun, rain, and snow. These patio covers will increase your property value, provide extra living space, and give you many years of protection and relief from the hot sun. Flat pan patio covers are an economical way to provide shade and protection from the weather. Solid patio covers come with a full gutter system and downspouts.


Lattice Patio Covers and Pergola Patio Covers are great way to enhance your backyard space and add value to your home. Lattice allows us to keep some of the sunshine coming through into the house while creating a subtle shading effect. There are 8 color choices that will accent any home’s style and color. We have several choices for end cut designs, like our Scallop Cut that offers soft curves or our Corbel Cut that gives it the added extra detail. We also have the Miter Cut or Beveled End cut for the patio cover with a more traditional look. All of our patio covers have a wood grained finish for that added special touch.


Pacific Builders Patio Rooms have evolved over the years into the perfect blend of beauty, functional design, and affordability. Our Patio Rooms have rocketed from ordinary to extraordinary with an insulated Weather Guard roof and an extensive list of upgrades like sliding glass doors, french doors, glass kick plates, and many, many more options. Transform your patio into a dream come true today!


If you are looking to create a space to enjoy the outdoors all year round with complete protection from the weather you have come to the right place. Let Pacific Builders create a sunroom for you to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning with out sitting out in the cold.


Pacific Builders offers the highest quality and most energy efficient windows on the market. Our windows are made with premium vinyl formulated to withstand hotter and sunnier climates. The window frames are made using thicker vinyl and have more inner chambers that help reduce the flow of heat and cold through the frame.






Pacific Builders offers top quality windows and doors from America’s leading brands, whether you choose practical vinyl, rich wood or fiberglass styles. Vinyl replacement windows make a difference in how you see the world and how the world sees your home. They also make your home more comfortable. Vinyl Replacement Windows may be built to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® standards in all climate zones. They’re custom made to your home’s exact specifications for a perfect fit at no extra charge or extended lead time. For ultimate peace of mind, they also come with our Full Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty. If you want to reduce noise, dust, heat and cooling loss call Pacific Builders today and let us help you.


Fiber cement siding has been around forever, but its popularity seems to come in streaks. Typically billed as a low-maintenance, long-lasting material, yet does it measure up to its reputation?

Fiber Cement Siding: The Pros

• Longevity —Most Fiber cement siding comes with a 50-year, limited transferable warranty. This type of siding is completely rot and insect resistant, and can even handle the corrosive environment of salt spray near the ocean.”

• Appearance— Fiber cement siding can be made to mimic just about any other siding material, including wood lap boards, cedar shingles, and wood shake siding. Your color options are virtually unlimited, these colors are typically accompanied by a 10 to 15 year warranty on the finish.

• Fire Resistance— Fiber cement siding is comprised of more than 90% sand and cement, making it inherently resistant to flames. Case in point, a St. Paul Minnesota house fire torched two fire trucks parked 60 feet away, but the fiber cement-clad home next door, 50 feet away, remained unscathed.

• Storm Resistance— Whether you’re looking for a siding material that can withstand the next Katrina, or one that can fend off the next summer hailstorm without sustaining damage, fiber cement siding is a proven commodity in the weather department.


Vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding materials in America. If you want to prolong the useful life of your exterior walls, or just want to change the look of your home but don’t want to paint it, vinyl siding could be for you. There are, however, a number of factors to consider when making your choice, such as color, type of grain and thickness. Does this Spark an idea?


Stucco can be manipulated to look like many different designs and styles, architecturally. You cannot do that with brick, stone, wood or vinyl products. Harder siding and exterior products like brick and stone cannot be made to look like stucco or vinyl. But stucco can be shaped to resemble any other material, including those and wood, and painted almost any color.

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