Why Choose Our Awnings?

Our superior awnings are designed to provide robust protection for your windows or doors, eliminating the need for posts and offering an uninterrupted aesthetic appeal to the architecture of your home.

Indulge in the comfort and elegance of our top-quality awnings and transform your exterior spaces into a year-round haven. Contact Pacific Builders today and take the first step towards enhancing the beauty and functionality of your Sacramento home.

transform your exterior spaces

Elevate your outdoor living with Pacific Builders’ premium awning solutions in Sacramento. For homeowners seeking to blend style, function, and protection for their homes, our top-tier awnings offer the perfect choice.

Quality Experience Since 1947

With a heritage of craftsmanship stretching back to 1947, Pacific Builders is synonymous with excellence in home improvements. Our extensive experience is your assurance of enduring quality and satisfaction with every awning installation.

Weather Protection

Designed to withstand the elements, our awnings shield your West and South facing windows and doors from Sacramento’s bright sun and unexpected rain showers. Enjoy reduced energy bills as you keep your home cooler and protected.


We understand that every home is as unique as its owner. Therefore, we offer custom-built awnings tailored to suit the specific dimensions and style of your property, ensuring a seamless and bespoke addition to your outdoor space.

Professional Installation

Entrust your home to the experts. Our team of highly skilled professionals promise a swift and stress-free installation process. We pride ourselves on delivering a service that pays meticulous attention to detail and respects your privacy and convenience.

After-Sales Support

Your relationship with Pacific Builders doesn’t end at installation. We provide comprehensive after-sales support to address any concerns and ensure your awnings remain in pristine condition.