experience the wonders of nature

Our sunrooms offer added living space such as study areas, office or recreational and at the same time perhaps, a dining room or living room for everyday or that special occasion.Our sunrooms compared to a conventional structure will typically prove to be up to a 50% savings. Our sunrooms can be built in weeks not months with lower taxes, lower permit fees and most importantly a lifetime warranty.

Sunroom Services

Do you want to gaze at the stars safely inside your home? Would you like to enjoy the night sky without leaving the comfort of your house? Then you need a sunroom from Pacific Builders that will allow you to experience the wonders of nature everyday without having to venture outdoors.

Gabled rooms are typically called “Garden Rooms,” because they bring the beauty of your garden into your home. Gabled rooms remain bright and inviting because of their vaulted cathedral ceilings and glass. These rooms can also be designed to match your existing roofline so it’ll look like it’s been there from the start. A new garden room addition will quickly become the most lived-in room of your home.

Our ultra wood lattice products are superior to standard wooden structures. Not only do our products retail lifetime warranty but are maintenance free and can be designed to any style.