Have you ever sat on your deck on a warm summer evening, wishing the bugs would leave you alone? Screening in your porch or deck is a cost-effective way to enjoy the outdoors without having to lather up in bug spray or continuously swat the flies away.

What is a Screen Room?
A screen room is the least expensive, simplest form of a protected living space. They can be added to existing patios, porches, decks or built as a completely new space. For this type of home enclosure, screens separate you from the outdoors, which keeps any bugs or critters away from your festivities. Screen rooms also keep yard debris such as leaves and sticks out of your living space, keeping it cleaner.

Advantages of a Screen Room

• Breathing in the fresh air and taking in nature without having to deal with the bugs or yard debris.
• Affordable – This is the least expensive type of porch enclosure.
• Most of our designs can easily be enclosed in the future.

Custom Design Options for a Screen Enclosure
Frame and color options:
• White, sandstone and bronze finish options.
• Our powder-coated extruded aluminum frames provide structural integrity for your room and exceed all local and national building codes.
Roof options:
• Single slope, gable and under existing
• Our roofs are manufactured with super foam panels, which provide insulation; as well as, structural I-beams and thermal barriers, which provide maximum stability and structural integrity for your roof.
Window and door options:
• Our extruded aluminum frames provide maximum durability and are built to withstand harsh elements.
• Our black aluminum screen mesh is proven to stay cleaner and resist sagging better than traditional fiberglass.
• Window, door and screen panels roll open with ease.
• Our single-point locking system is easy to use and provides added security for your room.

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