Sacramento sunrooms by Pacific Builders

If you’re looking to add some extra space and value to your property, there are always options like constructing an addition or adding a deck. But why not take advantage of the great outdoors while still enjoying the comforts of home? Installing either a sunroom or patio is an excellent way to make your outdoor living space both comfortable and inviting. Let your trusted Sunroom Contractor here in Sacramento help you take a look at how each option can benefit you and your family. 

Sunrooms: The first option for expanding the use of your outdoor space is a sunroom. A sunroom is often referred to as an all-season room, because it’s designed to be comfortable in any weather condition. It can provide natural light throughout the year, as well as protection from insects, wind, rain, and other elements that tend to make outdoor living uncomfortable. It also helps extend the usable season by providing insulation from extreme heat or cold temperatures. Sunrooms typically have walls made of glass, which allow for plenty of natural light while maintaining privacy from other areas of the yard. 

Patios: Another way to create more usable outdoor space is with a patio. This option has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its versatility and affordability compared to other forms of home remodeling or construction projects. Patios are fairly easy to build out of concrete slabs, paver stones, brick paving blocks, flagstones, or even gravel and sand if desired. They can be used for traditional activities such as grilling outdoors or entertaining guests during the summer months. But they can also be designed with features such as fire pits for gathering around on chilly nights or water features for creating tranquil spaces away from everyday life stresses. 

Conclusion:  As you can see, installing either a sunroom or patio is an excellent way to upgrade your home and extend its usability into different seasons and times of day. Whether you’re looking for additional living space on hot summer days when air conditioning isn’t enough or just want some extra comfort in winter months when it’s too cold outside—a sunroom or patio will bring those benefits right into your backyard! So consider investing in one today if you’re looking for an easy way to improve both your quality of life and the value of your property!

Since 1947, we have been continuously developing cutting edge quality sunrooms to expand the living space of you home. In addition, we pride ourselves in tailor-made solid and lattice patio covers and pergolas. Beyond this, we can upgrade the efficiency and security of your home with state of the art high performance windows, doors, exterior siding options and awnings. This will help to improve the efficiency and beauty of your home utilizing our advanced techniques – developed over several decades.


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